Order Sons of Italy in America - Grand Lodge of the Northwest Sons of Italy
Order Sons of Italy in America - Grand Lodge of the Northwest
Order Sons of Italy in America - Grand Lodge of the Northwest  
Order Sons of Italy in America - Grand Lodge of the Northwest


  North Central Washington Lodge #2797

  Wenatchee, WA

      Installed November, 2002

Booth and Trailer Give-Away

NCW has a booth and trailer to donate to another Lodge or sell for private use.  The trailer is about 11x9x2.  It has a 2 hitch, is wired with lights for towing.  Needs to be registered.  When the booth is assembled, it is an open top, four-sided structure (abt 9x9) suited for 4 workers or so.  A tarp over the top will keep you shaded or dry.  The front has a small shelf on which food can easily be passed to a customer.  If you are interested please contact Roberta at (509) 667-9371 or RMLAZZ15@gmail.com.

President Cathy Kunzmann Vice President Kathryn Porrovecchio
Immediate Past President Roberta Lazzarini State Deputy Jeff D'Amelio
Orator Marilyn Lancaster Recording Secretary Rocci Hildum
Financial Secretary Roberta Lazzarini Treasurer Diane Garlini
Trustee - 2 Year Sandra Thor Trustee - 2 Year Michael Lazzarini
Trustee - 1 Year Jerry Pipitone Trustee - 1 Year LeRoy Jones
Trustee - 1 Year Judy Nadeau-Zerr    
Master of Ceremony Samantha Antolini Mistress of Ceremony Jodi Downes
Guard Fred Kunzman Chaplin Ed Baroch
Board of Arbitration Mike Andler Board of Arbitration James Antolini
Board of Arbitration Richard Whitney Board of Arbitration Sharon Paine
Board of Arbitration LeRoy Jones    

Lodge Mailing Address: North Central Washington Lodge 2797
PO Box 5211
Wenatchee WA 98807-5211
Meeting Place and Time: The Lodge meets at the Holy Apostles Church - O'Dea Hallon - the 4th Friday of each month except the months of June, July & August.  Social begins at 5:30pm, meeting starts at 6:00 PM - Dinner follows adjournment. Please call (509-667-9371) for reservations and information.
Lodge Meeting Address: Holy Apostles Church - O'Dea Hall
1315 8th Street N.E. Driving Directions
East Wenatchee, WA From Anywhere.
Mission Statement: NCW Sons of Italy Lodge#2797 is a fraternal organization and is affiliated with Order Sons of Italy in America. As such, we strive to support and encourage within our membership and our community appreciation of our Italian culture and heritage. As a Lodge we raise funds for our Italian Heritage fund.
Service: We are on-going supporters of the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center.
History: The North Central Washington Lodge actually was the wonderful offshoot of a fall car ride to find some good, fresh Washington apples.  Dorothy (Miori) Whitney and her husband Dick were out looking for apples the fall of 2001.  They found themselves near Pangborn Airport at the orchard of Gerardo and Maryann Recchia.  Along with the aroma of apples, Dorothy (being a good Italian girl) recognized the scent of tomato sauce cooking.  She asked Gerardo his last name.  When he told her Recchia, she asked if they were related to the Seattle Recchias-no relation, but the talk turned to other Italians living in the area.  After picnics, wine and cheese parties, discussion about starting a club or association for the new Italian friends began.  Dorothy and Dick drew on their twelve years of experience as lodge members of SOI Lodge #1390 in Seattle, and the group began forming their own lodge.  Just over a year from the fortuitous car ride, on November 16th, 2002 the American Italian Club from Spokane and SOI Lodge #1390 from Seattle sponsored the induction of Lodge #2797 at the 2002 Grand Lodge convention held in Wenatchee.  Our four Founders were: Richard Garlini, Jerry Pipitone, Gerardo Recchia, and Dorothy Whitney.  Proudly, forty-six members were sworn in at the induction ceremony that night.  To this day, we continue to grow, evolve, and serve each other and the community with the usual pride found in our Italian culture and heritage.  Written by Roberta Lazzarini.
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7502 N 15TH ST
TACOMA, WA 98406-1107

State President, Tony Anderson
phone: 253/761-8499 | email: atony@harbornet.com