Order Sons of Italy in America - Grand Lodge of the Northwest Sons of Italy
Order Sons of Italy in America - Grand Lodge of the Northwest
Order Sons of Italy in America - Grand Lodge of the Northwest  
Order Sons of Italy in America - Grand Lodge of the Northwest

What's the "TRUE" story?

The Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) is the oldest and largest organization for men and women of Italian heritage (National Site). The Grand Lodge of the Northwest (GLNW) is one of the 21 State Charters throughout the U.S. with 19 Local Lodges in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.


It is the goal of the GLNW to develop discussion groups, Italian language classes, and cultural programs. Most lodges are in Washington State where the first local lodge, Tacoma Lodge No. 1175, was founded in 1923. Since that time, another 18 local lodges have been chartered. One of the smaller state lodges, the Grand Lodge of the Northwest has grown from 479 members in 1957 to 1,370 in 2014. (History of the Grand Lodge of the Northwest (1923 to Present.)


Women constitute more than 50 percent (50%) of OSIA's membership, and the number is growing. Why, then, is our name "Sons of Italy" rather than "Sons and Daughters of Italy?"Because of our history. OSIA was founded in 1905 as "L'Ordine Figli d'Italia," which is Italian for "The Order Children of Italy." The name was translated into English in the masculine form (Figli also means sons), and has been preserved as such for name recognition and legacy purposes.


To the right are pictures of our members and others who you will probaly meet at our various lodge meeting, functions, galas and other events we hold throughout the year. To see which lodge is closest to you, or what days/times the lodges meet, click the "Directory" link above. If you want to see what's happening throughout the year, click the "Events" link at the top. For more information, click the "Join" link at the top.


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May Northwest Italian News Pictures
(Members Only Area for On-Line NWIN)

Alta Monte - Eugene, OR

American Italian Club, Spokane, WA

Amerigo Vespucci, Aberdeen, WA

Salvatore Cascone the new "Ciscoe Morris" of Auburn demonstrates the methods for planting fig trees and rosemary plants to the Auburn Lodge membership. Later those plants were offered up at the raffle. Salvatore’s gardening will be featured in future meetings. Also there will be a planting at the Mary Olson Farm in memorial of the Italian Pioneers of Auburn.

Grand Lodge of the Northwest 'The Soul of Italy" Cookbooks are available NOW! re available through your Lodges or from Jackie Haberstock (360-373-4341) or Mary DeSantis (360-620-2003). Cookbooks are $15.00 for one or $25.00 for two.

Above is an historical time capsule from 1961. The Grand Lodge of the Northwest submitted this to the writers of the "Purple Astor, A History of the Sons of Italy in America." The Grand Venerable at the time was Frank V. Orrico. His connection to the Stella family in Auburn was that he cooked for the weddings. He was a cook for the Seattle Lodge for many years and was the uncle to State Vice President Doug Chiechi.

NW Italian Radio Show (West Coast Italian Radio Network) was thrilled to spend the evening with Tony Orlando. We interviewed him last month on our show and this month, on April 9th, we did a LIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW with him backstage at the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver, BC, where he was performing. After attending his great concert performed for the Vancouver Italian Community, we all went to the Producer’s restaurant (Federico’s Supper Club) in the Italian District of Vancouver and had a wonderful dinner with Tony Orlando; compliments of Federico Fuoco.



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State President, Tony Anderson
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